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Veterinary Diagnostic Care in Cleveland

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Your New Caney Pet’s Health

Your pet’s health isn’t just skin deep. To fully understand your pet’s health, your veterinarian will want to see beyond your pet’s fur. Diagnostic testing and imaging services can be an essential tool to revealing more about your pet’s health and wellbeing. At Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Cleveland & New Caney, we are pleased to be able to offer in-house diagnostic testing and imaging services to get a closer look at your pet’s health.

Our Cleveland veterinarians use tools like laboratory testing, radiology, and ultrasonography to get a fuller picture of your pet’s condition. By offering these services in-house, we’re able to deliver results faster than if you had to travel to another clinic for these tests. That means that your pet will get a diagnosis and treatment much faster than at other veterinary practices - which can be invaluable for your pet’s health.

Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Cleveland & New Caney offers the following diagnostic services:

  • Laboratory testing
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasonography

Learn more about our diagnostic services by calling (281) 843-9504 or contacting us online.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is part of your veterinarian’s diagnostic arsenal. These tests can be conducted with your pet’s regular wellness checkups or can be used in a targeted fashion when your pet isn’t feeling their best. Blood tests like complete blood count (CBC) and blood chemistry panels can help identify and monitor a variety of diseases, while fecal testing can provide evidence of parasitic infection. Other tests, such as urinalysis, can help veterinarians identify problems with specific organ function.


X-rays are a common form of radiology that can help your veterinarian get a better picture of your pet’s internal health. By using a small dose of radiation, X-rays take still images of the dense parts of your pet’s internal systems, such as their skeleton. The use of radiation here means that radiology is not suitable to be used on delicate or developing tissues, such as fetuses.

One of the key benefits of X-rays is that they are non-invasive and pain-free, meaning that your veterinarian can get a closer look at your pet’s insides without any invasive measures.


Like those used with humans, ultrasounds use high frequency soundwaves to see beyond your pet’s fur at their internal organs and other soft tissues. Unlike X-rays, ultrasounds are not suitable for use on dense tissues like bones, as the soundwaves cannot penetrate these tissues. However, ultrasounds are great for use on delicate and developing tissues because of the lack of radiation used to take these real-time images.

Just like radiology, ultrasounds are completely non-invasive and pain-free. These images can be a useful tool for your veterinarian to get a fuller picture of your pet’s health.

Diagnostics at Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Cleveland & New Caney

When your pet’s health is in question, you can trust the Cleveland veterinarians at Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Cleveland & New Caney to do everything in our power to uncover the cause of your pet’s health issues. We’re here for you and your pet.

For questions about diagnostic testing and imaging services at Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Cleveland & New Caney, please call (281) 843-9504 or contact us online today!

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