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Large Animal Care in Cleveland

High Quality Care for Large Animals

Since 2004, Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Cleveland & New Caney has provided high quality veterinary care to creatures of all sizes in the Cleveland and New Caney area. In addition to treating traditional house pets like cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and pocket pets, our veterinary team has additional training in caring for small farm animals and other larger species. We offer regular wellness and preventative care for these animals, as well as surgical and dental services.

As animal lovers ourselves, we understand that your pets - no matter how large or small - are important members of your family. Make sure they have the best care by bringing them in to see us regularly! Our Cleveland location is specially equipped to handle the care of larger animals, which often can’t be treated at just any veterinary clinic. We’re fully equipped to care for your oversized furry family members.

To make an appointment for one of your large animals, please call (281) 843-9504 today!

Veterinary Care for Large Animals

Large animals need ongoing veterinary care just as much as their smaller domestic counterparts. While it’s easy to take a cat or a dog to just about any veterinarian, large animals require specialized care, training, and equipment to receive the right kind of care.

Large animals require a different level of care for areas such as:

Like your smaller house pets, your large animal companions still need basic preventative and wellness care in addition to specialized care that is designed for their species. Veterinarians require different kinds of training to treat large animals, and not every veterinary practice can offer these services.

To keep your large animals healthy and happy for many years to come, it is important that they see their veterinarian regularly. This helps your veterinarian stay on top of your pet’s health and spot any changes as they arise.

Large Animal Care at Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Cleveland & New Caney

As dedicated animal lovers, the Cleveland veterinary team at Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Cleveland & New Caney is pleased to be able to offer veterinary care to all pets big and small. The large animal services we offer are targeted specifically for small farm animals, but please give us a call! We’re happy to work with you to understand your pet’s needs and will make recommendations as to your pet’s care based on our training and expertise. Whether your large animals simply need a checkup or if they’re in need of a non-routine visit, the team at Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic Cleveland & New Caney is here for you and your pet.

Please call ahead for visits with your small farm animals, as only certain of our veterinarians are able to see them. Call (281) 843-9504 for more information.

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